Mojokov is a design agency which focuses on
creating fanastic design for fantastic brands


We believe that design is more than just pixels. We will work with you to craft engaging design to inspire peoples lives.

Driven on tea and guided by excellence. Here is the showcase of our latest work.

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We strive to explore the relationships between humans and design to match the vision and needs of our clients.

It’s our challenge to capture the core values of a brand in a single graphic.


We illustrate wonderful content with the closest details and attention to tell your story in a unique way.

Webdesign (UI/UX)

We work with you to create engaging user interfaces to make your users want to embrace your apps and websites.


A logo is the core foundation of a great brand, we will achieve that using great design to make your brand stand out.

Mojokov is currently available for select projects.

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Mojokov is a Dutch graphic design company fuelled by Tycho Litjens. Driven on tea & guided by excellence.